The war between Aldance and Amnisa has been dragging on for three years, and it is past time Aldance put a stop to it. The Aldench have their chance when they learn that the secret to the Amnisans' endurance is their bokra grounds, a rare soil that enhances the health of soldiers, crops, and livestock. Knowing that stealing these grounds will crush the will of the enemy, the military picks a team to perform that task.  Edana Carver, charismatic and brash, has never led an expedition before, but such a simple assignment is the perfect opportunity for her to gain some experience. Manis il Havoc, with the ability to crack locks and get into places she shouldn’t be, is bitter over her recent demotion, but no one doubts her intelligence. Damohn Niles, young and pretty, is a talented medic with something to prove.  Frayne, the foreigner, is a wonder on the battlefield and a little too secretive. Together, they were more than capable of striking deep into the heart of Amnisa, taking what they wanted, and destroying anything that got in their way.

Warning, this book came from rage, so anvilicious you should probably wear a hard hat. Please take advantage of the ability to read the first few chapters before buying.

Moira J Moore, writer


I don't write about myself in the third person, because I think that's weird.

I am a writer, largely of fantasy novels, though recently I shocked myself by writing a contemporary novel. 

I was in the music department of a high school that was a sort of school of the arts, where we had to audition to get in but didn't dance in the cafeteria.  However, I can no longer remember how to play the oboe and I'm a little dodgy with reading sheet music. I spent a lot of time working retail. I taught English in Japan, did some time as a lawyer, am currently a mediator while back at school getting my masters in law. All of this has shown up in my stories in one way or another.

The images at the top show my loves: my home, travelling, scotch, writing, and reading.

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